About Us

About Darkinclub

Darkinclub is an online clothing boutique that was founded in 2017. We have been acting as a manufacturer as well as a supplier since then. Over the past decade, our designers and workers have made clothes for millions of women. Watching our customers share photos of their big smiles online made us realize that we produce not just clothes, but happiness and joy.

Now we are running our own business -darkinclub.com. We sell products directly from our own factory, with high quality and low prices. We believe this is a mutual benefit for both our customers and our manufacturers. Darkinclub.com was created by a small team of young people who were inspired to make a difference in the fashion world. To provide an unbiased platform for independent designers rather than inviting large fashion brands to sell their new designs on our site.

Connecting designers directly with clients

We strive to change the traditional business model of the fashion industry by skipping the unnecessary middle ground between client and designer. By doing so, we are able to deliver the latest designs to our valued clients as quickly and as widely as possible.

A socially responsible market player

Darkinclub.com supports fashion designers and brands that make high use of recycled materials throughout the creative process. Due to the founders' early experience in the fashion industry, the Darkinclub.com team pays extra attention to the welfare of its employees. In addition, Darkinclub.com only works with brands that offer fair treatment and wages to their employees. Darkinclub.com donates a portion of its proceeds to charities that help address extreme poverty around the world.

Company Location and Logistics Center

Darkinclub.com is a registered U.S. business entity with its own logistics center. Most Internet-based fashion retailers typically locate their logistics centers in North America, as do we. Because it has world class delivery capabilities and capacity, it helps to reduce the delivery costs for our customers.

If you have any questions, please contact:info@darkinclub.com